Jahntassa Vidren (jahntassa) wrote in conyers,
Jahntassa Vidren

Hi everyone. Thought I'd post this here in hopes of finding a missing dog. Even though this community is rather dead...

Zak George handles all the PetsMart training classes. I'm sure some of you have seen him and his dogs performing in the front of the store sometimes, he has two border collies. One of which is a frisbee champ, etc. Well early this morning, Wednesday, around 2am, one of Zak's border collies somehow got loose and jumped out of his van.

This happened at the Quick Trip next to Sonic. My husband was driving home from work and spotted him, but another car stopped and picked him up first. A red (or marroon) honda civic, female driver, heading towards walmart. The dog is a grey/white border collie named Supernova. If anyone knows the whereabouts, please comment or call petsmart! It would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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