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I have importnant news that I have to tell you guys

Guys, I have terrible new, about Michael King, he died in the surgery last Saturday. My mother just got a email from Mrs. Smith (my social studies teacher) today and here's what she (Mrs. Smith) wrote to everyone:

Dear Parents,

It is with great sadness that I send out this message at the request of Ms.
Bloodworth, our principal at Edwards Middle School. Michael King, a young
man from our team this past year, passed away Saturday due to complications
from surgery. His quick wit and fiery spirit will always be remembered by
all whose lives he touched. I will forever be blessed with the memories of
our Savannah field trip this past spring and how excited he was to take
everything in as it was the first time he had ever been so far from home.
Please share this information with your children as you see fit--I am sure
many of them have already heard the news, as my daughter has indicated that
many students have asked her via instant messenger if she was aware of what
the circumstances were. We would ask that you please pass this information
along to other classmates that you believe may not have heard this news, as
we no longer have our team list of student addresses and phone numbers in
our system at EMS.

Thank you for your assistance and please keep the family in your thoughts
and prayers.


Lorri Smith

Edwards Middle School

If you guys are friends of him or heard about him before, then this is a terrible news for you guys. The funeral is tomorrow at from 5pm to 8pm and it's at Henry Funeral Home. The funeral will be held on Wednesday June 21st at 4pm.

My apologies for a terrible news guys.

~Jenny K. (aka Girla PurpleHeart)
Owner of PurpleHeart and SweetHeart Extra
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