mary meyers (ummm_bored) wrote in conyers,
mary meyers


if you are ever bored, i would suggest coming to cottle strawberry field in conyers/stockbridge.

now if you don't know, it's a really cool strawberry field. you can pick your own berries or you can buy pre-picked ones. it costs $3.50 to pick a quart or $4.00 to buy a pre-picked quart. or you can pick a gallon bucket for $8 or buy a pre-picked one for $10. we furnish the containers, so you don't have to bring anything to keep your berries in. and you can eat berries while in the field! i'm telling you--- it's fun stuff.

it's open 8 am - 7 pm monday - saturday and 12 pm - 7 pm sundays.

it's located on east fairview (lorraine elementary is on this road). to get there, get on 138 (near lowe's) and go towards heritage high school. keep going, you'll pass the crossroads/chevron gas station and the 212/138 publix. continue straight until the four-way stop. this is east fairview. turn right, go a few miles, and come to the first four way stop. go straight, and a few seconds later you will see the field on your left.

hurry because it will be closing in early june. you can buy your mom some fresh berries that YOU picked just for her for mother's day. or just come out when you don't have anything better to do. it's fun!
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